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Managing the emotional stressors of cancer

Fighting a battle with cancer can be an emotional challenge for you, the patient, as well as your family and loved ones.

We believe that helping you and your loved ones copy with the stress during this time is just as important as your medical treatment. We have several specialists and programs which may help you through your diagnosis, recovery and beyond. 

Counseling/Behavioral Health

This program helps patients and caregivers manage anxiety, sadness and emotional upsets that may accompany a cancer diagnosis. The Behavioral Health team includes clinical social workers and counselors. When appropriate, referrals are available to a psycho-oncologist (a psychiatrist specializing in cancer care) and other professionals. For more information or an appointment please call (402) 354-8350.

Oncology Social Workers

Oncology social workers are available to patients and caregivers to help address the non-medical concerns that are often encountered during cancer treatment and in survivorship, including caregiver stress, transportation needs, financial issues, support resources and practical barriers to care. (402)-354-4213.

A Time to Heal

This is a 12-week holistic rehabilitation program designed to help cancer survivors and their caregivers regain their physical, emotional and spiritual health after cancer treatment. Please call (402) 319-3124 for more information and class schedules.

Flamingos for Hope

Flamingos for Hope(Friends Laughing, Achieving Miracles, Inspiring and Nurturing Gifts)  a group of survivors who are sharing their passion to "Be a Live-er," arrive at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center each month for a fun celebration. Their energy and inspiration materializes in the form of treats, head boppers, and smiles to a different theme every month.

This patient-led program was developed by a cancer survivor who chose to be a "liv-er" and celebrate something every day.