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Gynecologic Cancer

Gynecologic cancers occur when abnormal cells grow within the female reproductive organs. These cancerous growths may originate in the cervix, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva. 

Specialists in Gynecologic Cancers

Methodist is home to specialists in treating gynecologic cancers. These gynecologic oncologists are board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists who have an additional three to four years of specialized training in treating gynecologic cancers from an American Board of Obstetrics and gynecology-approved fellowship program. This subspecialty program provides training in the biology and pathology of gynecologic cancers, as well as in all forms of treatment for these diseases, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and experimental treatments. 

Our patients have access to the latest clinical trials through the NRG Oncology, a division of the National Cancer Institute.

Each cancer is unique - and we will assemble a team to battle your cancer. Together, we will create a treatment plan specific to your cancer. We will work with you to discuss the treatment options and help available for you and your family.

Minimally-invasive surgical options

Our gynecological oncologists are trained to use the da Vinci® Computer-Assisted Surgical System, a minimally invasive surgical system that uses robotics. This system provides the surgeon with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control. Plus, it requires only a few small incisions so you can get back to life faster without the longer recovery time typically needed following traditional surgery. Learn more about the use and advantage of this treatment for gynecologic cancer.

Learn more about the Methodist gynecologic oncologists.


Patient-Awarded for Excellence in Quality of Care

Our patients rated the quality of care received in the Gynecologic Oncology clinic in the top 10% of national health care facilities. Professional Research Consultants, a nationally-respected health care research firm conducts a confidential survey of our patients each year to help us understand how we can improve the care we provide.