Annual Report of Cancer Care

Each year we produce an annual report of the cases we have treated. This report gives information about:

  • The volume of cases by cancer type
  • Age and stage at diagnosis
  • Our community outreach efforts
  • Preventative screenings performed and results
  • The goals of our program
  • Accreditations and awards

Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center 2017 Annual Report

This comprehensive report covers the Commission on Cancer accreditation, placing this center among only 22 cancer programs nationally. FACT accreditation of our stem cell program is highlighted and the 2016 accomplishments including the enrollment of more than 14% of eligible patients in a clinical trials

A special section highlights treatment and advances for multiple myeloma. -Read more-

Methodist Jennie Edmundson Cancer Center 2017 Annual Report

The detailed annual report includes specific information about the patients we have treated, including the type and stage  of cancer and age at diagnosis. The report also illustrates the home county of our patients. 

Special information is provided about the addition of a new linear accelerator, allowing patients to receive the highest level of radiation oncology treatment available. -Read more